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TIMEZONE Technical Committee (Reactivated)

Revised October 2013


TC TIMEZONE was reactivated to carry on the work of the original TC TIMEZONE which created the Timezone Registry and Service Recommendations document. TC TIMEZONE will
  1. Develop a proposal for a central authoritative Timezone Registry and data format to be submitted as a draft to the IETF for ultimate publication as an RFC.
  2. Develop a proposal for a Timezone API and a Timezone service layer to be submitted as a draft to the IETF for ultimate publication as an RFC.
  3. Develop requirements for a Timezone Registry Service.
  4. Develop proposals for Timezone Registry Service implementations using current protocols.

Begin and End Dates

Begin: August 2 2007
End: TBD

Milestones and Work Products

Feb-1-2008 Publish draft specifications for review and discussion at Roundtable XI.
Feb-22-2008 Publish revised specifications and submit to IETF as internet drafts.
Jun-04-2008 Timezone Registry Service Requirements and Timezone Service implementation proposals presented at Roundtable XII.
Jul-2010 Submission of Timezone Service Specification and Timezone XML Specification to IETF as internet drafts.
Jun-2010 Proposed to CalConnect Board that we send a letter to IETF and IANA suggesting they offer to provide hosting and support for the Olson Database and process considering Mr. Olson's impending retirement and actively supported the concept and proposal within IETF.
Jun-2013 Latest revision to Timezone Service Protocol draft submitted to IETF.
Aug-2013 New draft submitted to IETF: CalDAV: Timezones by Reference extending CalDAV to allow clients and servers to exchange iCalendar data without the need to send full timezone data.

TIMEZONE Reflector Mailing List


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Mike Douglass, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: douglm@rpi.edu

Please contact the Chair for more information or to join this Technical Committee. You must be an employee of a Consortium member to participate in a Technical Committee.

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