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Future Events

CalConnect XXXVI
Apr 18-22 2016
Ribose / OGCIO
Cyberport, Hong Kong

CalConnect XXXVII
Sep 12-16 2016
Dresden, Germany

CalConnect XXXVIII
Winter 2017

CalConnect XXXIX
May 2017
Seattle, Washington

Registration and Payment
for CalConnect Events

About Past Events

Event Reports

Roundtable X -- September 17-21 2007

CalConnectSM Interoperability Test Event - 17-19 September
Roundtable X - 19-21 September

Information current to September 17 2007

The location and time of the Wednesday Evening Reception has been changed to 18:30 to 20:00 at the Hotel @ M.I.T. (Hunsaker C room) near the M.I.T. Campus

PLEASE NOTE: Cambridge and Boston are extremely busy in mid-September and hotel rooms are at a premium. If you are considering attending the CalConnect events in Cambridge, you are strongly advised to book your hotel room well ahead to avoid inconvenient locations and high room rates. Remember, you can usually cancel a hotel room up to a day or two prior to the reservation date, but you can't necessarily find one that late!

The Tenth Roundtable of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, together with a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event (C.I.T.E.), will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Monday-Friday, September 17-21, 2007, hosted by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The C.I.T.E. interoperability testing will take place from noon Monday September 17 to noon Wednesday September 19 (two full days). The Roundtable will begin with lunch Wednesday at 12:30 September 19 and run through lunch on Friday September 21 (two full days). An optional Introductory Q & A about CalConnect is scheduled at 11:30 on Wednesday the 19th.

Please note: a small number of C.I.T.E. observers may register for the IOP test event, as distinct from observers at the Roundtable. Unlike the Roundtable, C.I.T.E. Observers may be from members or non-members; see Observers at CalConnect Events for more information.


Registration information for the Roundtable may be found at Roundtable Registration; registration information for the C.I.T.E. IOP Test Event is at C.I.T.E. Participant Registration or at C.I.T.E. Observer Registration. You must register separately for the Roundtable and for the IOP test event if you plan to do both. Observers for either the Roundtable or the C.I.T.E. must also register via the appropriate registration form.

C.I.T.E. IOP Test Event: The C.I.T.E. interoperability testing event is open to members and non-members (and to participants and observers); please see C.I.T.E. September 2007 for current information. Check back often as this will be updated as we get nearer to the event. Please note that you do not need finished or polished code to participate in the IOP testing; in fact as soon as you have something working at all, testing against other participants can help debugging and code development, especially in identifying red herrings and wrong decisions.

Roundtable X: The Roundtable will be comprised of Technical Committee meetings, to which all members and observers are welcome, informal BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions), plus some additional sessions and committee meetings which will be determined closer to the event. Friday morning will be the full Plenary meeting of the Consortium, open to all participants. This session will include report-outs from all Technical Committees, possibly demonstrations resulting from the IOP testing earlier in the week, and establishment of future goals and directions for the Consortium.

Location and Meeting Rooms

The C.I.T.E. and Roundtable will take place on the M.I.T. Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The CalConnect Interoperability Test Event (Monday noon* through Wednesday noon) will take place in the 20 Chimneys Room in Building W20: http://whereis.mit.edu/map-jpg?mapterms=W20&mapsearch=go.

*The C.I.T.E. room will be available starting at 0900 for anyone interested in getting an early informal start, but catering will not be available until lunch.

On Tuesday, September 18 only, the C.I.T.E. will be located in a different room. More information will be available at the opening of the C.I.T.E. Monday noon the 17th.

Roundtable X (Wednesday noon through Friday noon) will take place in the Bush Room in Building 10: http://whereis.mit.edu/map-jpg?mapterms=Bush+room.

These meeting room assignments may change. Please check back the week prior to the events to see if the meeting room locations are still correct.

More information about visiting M.I.T. is available at: http://web.mit.edu/visit/.


Airport Information: Cambridge and Boston are served by Logan International Airport: http://www.massport.com/logan/default.aspx.

Ground Transportation: Information on rental cars and public transportation, including the MBTA (Subway) is available at: http://www.massport.com/logan/getti.html.


Please note that CalConnect has not attempted to obtain a block of rooms at a hotel for this meeting.

The Hotel @ MIT, Hyatt Regency Cambridge, and Boston Marriott Cambridge are all located close to the M.I.T. Campus and roughly form a triangle with the meeting rooms (in the center of campus) in the middle. Most hotels listed are further away. Many hotels offer a special M.I.T. rate so be sure and request the M.I.T. rate when booking; the M.I.T. rate for most of these hotels seems to be a bit more than $200 per night (except for the Holiday Inn properties). Some hotels offer a shuttle service to the M.I.T. Campus, either free or at a nominal cost. With the exception of the Holiday Inns, the hote

Hotel @ MIT
20 Sidney Street
Cambridge MA 02139
(two blocks from MIT)
Telephone: 617-577-0200
Fax: 617-494-8366
Toll Free: 800-754-7130
Hilton HHonors Points for eligible stays
Online booking code - enter 0560035173

Boston Marriott Cambridge
Two Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
Kendall Square
Phone: 617-494-6600
Fax: 617-494-0036
Toll Free: 800-228-9290

Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
(Charles River)
617-492-1234 x4205 Reservations
617-491-6906 Fax
Shuttle service to MIT
Online booking code - enter 33395 into the
"Group/Corporate#" box

Cambridge Center Residence Inn by Marriott
6 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02139
(1 block from Kendall Square)
Phone: 617-349-0700
Fax: 617-547-8504
Toll Free: 800-331-3131

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Cambridge
250 Monsignor O'Brien Highway
Cambridge MA 02141
Telephone: 617-577-7600
Fax: 617-354-1313

Hotel Marlowe
25 Edwin H. Land Boulevard
Cambridge MA 02141
Reservations: 617-772-5890
Fax: 617-772-5895
Toll Free: 800-825-7040
E-mail: reservations@hotelmarlowe.com

The Kendall Hotel
350 Main Street
Cambridge MA 02142
Located on the MIT Campus
Telephone: 617-577-1300
Fax: 617-577-1377

Royal Sonesta Hotel
40 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge MA 02142
Adjacent to the Galleria Mall
Reservations: 617-806-4256
Fax: 617-806-4232
Toll Free: 1-800-Sonesta

Holiday Inn Boston-Somerville
30 Washington Street
Somerville MA 02143
(walk to the "T")
Telephone: 617-628-1000
Fax: 617-628-0143
Toll Free: 1-800-972-3381


This is the final pre-meeting schedule; however, we may make some modifications in flight if needed. Please note that the Topical Agendas for the sessions are below the schedule.

Monday 17 September
20 Chimneys Room Bldg W20
0900-1200 Informal testing
1200-1300 Opening Lunch
1300-1500 Testing
1500-1530 BOFs
1530-1600 Break
1600-1800 Testing

1900-2030 IOPtest Dinner
Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant
Tuesday 18 September
Location TBD
0830-0900 Breakfast
0900-1030 Testing
1030-1100 Break
1100-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Testing
1500-1530 BOFs
1530-1600 Break
1600-1800 Testing
Wednesday 19 September
20 Chimneys Room Bldg W20
0830-0900 Breakfast
0900-1030 Testing
1030-1100 Break
1100-1200 Wrap-up
1200 End of IOP Testing

Bush Room Bldg 10
1230-1330 Lunch/announcements1
Wednesday 19 September
Bush Room Bldg 10
1130-1215 Introduction to CalConnect3
1230-1330 Lunch/announcements1
1330-1430 Demos - Freebusy URL,
   CalDAV Scheduling, Realtime Server-Server
1430-1530 TC CALDAV
1530-1600 Break
1730-1800 BOFs

1830-2000 Evening Reception, Hotel @ M.I.T.4
Thursday 20 September
Bush Room Bldg 10
0830-0900 Breakfast
0900-1000 TC EVENTPUB
1000-1030 BOF - XML
1030-1100 Break
1100-1230 TC MOBILE
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 TC USECASE
1430-1530 BOFS
1530-1600 Break
1600-1800 Steering Committee

1930-2130 Group Dinner5
Legal Seafoods, Copley Place
Friday 21 September
Bush Room Bldg 10
0830-0900 Breakfast
0900-1030 TC TIMEZONE
1030-1100 Break
1100-1130 TC Wrapup
1130-1215 CalConnect Plenary Session
1215 Close of Meeting; Box Lunch provided
1Combined Lunch/Announcements on Wednesday for all IOP Testing and Roundtable Participants.
2The Calendaring Practicums are open to all Roundtable attendees and will help to level-set participants on the relevant calendaring and scheduling specifications.
3The Introduction to CalConnect is an optional informal Q&A session for new attendees (observers or new member representatives).
4All Roundtable and IOP testing event participants are invited to the Wednesday evening reception, which will be held at the Hotel @ M.I.T.
5All Roundtable participants are invited to the group dinner, which is covered by your registration fee.

Breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks will be served to all participants in the Roundtable and the IOP testing event and are included in your registration fees.

Lunch on Wednesday is provided for all IOP testing and Roundtable participants. All Roundtable participants who are not involved in the testing event are encouraged to arrive Wednesday morning for the optional sessions if any, or to set up prior to lunch, and are welcome to attend the Introduction to CalConnect session.

Topical Agendas:

TC CALDAV Wed 1430-1530
1 Progress and Status Update
1.1 IETF
1.2 CalConnect
1.3 Community
2. Open Discussions
2.1 Calendar Availability
2.2 Calendar Roles
3. Moving Forward
3.1 Plan of Action
3.2 Next Conference Calls

TC EVENTPUB Thu 0900-1000
1. Review and update on VVENUE
2. Review and update on EVENTMAP

TC FREEBUSY Wed 1600-1730
1. Work since Roundtable IX
2. FREEBUSY URL Discussion
3. Denmark's Common Calendaring Project
4. Boeing Federated Freebusy Update

TC IOPTEST During opening
1. Review of IOP test participant findings
2. Planning for RFC 2445bis IOP Testing

TC MOBILE Thu 1100-1230
1. Progress update
2. Present final approve test suite document
3. Discuss IOP testing preparation and related issues
4. Determine priorities of next work items

TC REALTIME Wed 1600-1730
1. Status Update and Demo
2. Key issues:
    - Addressability
    - Discoverability
    - Authentication &
    - Authorization
3. Next Steps

TC TIMEZONE Fri 0900-1030
1. Final Report - DST Ad Hoc
2. Status Report on discussions - Centralized TZ Registry
3. Open discussion on TZ Registry and Service
4. Schedule and work products

TC USECASE Thu 1330-1430
1. Review State of Resources document
2. Review Resource Interoperability (RI) UseCases
3. Review possible Solutions for RI UseCases
4. Open floor to discusion

Currently Proposed BOFS (to be scheduled in BOF segments)
1. XML and other alternative representations for calendar data (Thu 1000-1030)
Please Note: Additional requests for BOF sessions can be made at the Wednesday opening and known BOFs will be scheduled at that time. However spontaneous BOF sessions are welcome to be called at BOF session during the Roundtable.

CalConnectSM is a Service Mark of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Copyright © 2016 The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Copyright and Licensing Information