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CalConnect Public Document Types

The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium has defined several types of documents according to their intended purpose. A document, especially a presentation, may appear in more than one category.

Report: A document reporting on an event or presenting findings of a study or research effort, which may reach conclusions but does not contain suggestions for action, except incidentally. CalConnect Interoperability Test Event reports and the Calendaring and Scheduling Glossary of Terms are examples of reports.

Recommendation: A document discussing problems or issues and making suggestions for action. Generally, Use Cases, Requirements, and Problems and Recommendations documents are recommendations.

Proposal: An experimental specification intended for research and exploration, e.g. through trial implementations, to determine its usefulness and applicability. Proposals deemed successful would be candidates to be offered to an appropriate standards body for adoption and progression as a standard.

Presentation: Powerpoint or equivalent presentations used to accompany public events or sessions.

Public Review Document: An in-progress working document of a Technical Committee which has been made available for public review and comment for a specific period of time, generally 30 days. Comment is requested via the CalConnect Public Review and Comment mailing list.

Administrative: A document type for meeting minutes, proposals to committees, policy documents, and other material, generally of an internal nature but possibly a public document.

Website Pages: Pages on the CalConnect website are not generally documents within this classification system. However a web page may be made a public document if appropriate (e.g. the DST pages); if so the page displays a title block at the top, including its document type as identified above.

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