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CalConnect Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test List

This public discussion list was implemented to:
  • Provide a forum for users of the CalConnect Mobile test suite about the Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Suite
  • Enable external partiesto keep up-to-date with test suite developments and planned test events
  • Encourage non-members to participate in Calconnect activities
Participation on this list is not limited to but particularly encouraged by representatives of organizations interested in mobile calendaring and interoperability testing of mobile calendaring applications, whether or not they are currently members of CalConnect.

For list information and to subscribe, please see


The Calendaring and Scheduling Mobile Interoperability Testing Mailing List ( exists to foster discussion about the Mobile Calendar Interoperability Test Suite and to announce the scheduling of CalConnect Mobile Interoperability Test Events. This includes, but is not limited to, announcements of updates to the test suite, improvement proposals, discussion about test execution and the scheduling of future test events.

The primary audience and expected participants are representatives of calendaring and scheduling product and service vendors that are interested in participating in mobile interoperability test events. However, the list is open to any and all participants that agree to and adhere to the rules of use.

The C&S mobile IOP list is moderated. Subscriptions to the list must be approved. Abuse of the list or the rules of use may result in an individual being cautioned or ultimately being removed from the list, at the sole discretion of the list moderators.

Rules of Use

Please use this resource in a professional and respectful manner. In particular, please refrain from “flames” and critiques of others' postings. Please keep your postings cogent and to the point.

Do not attach files to your postings. Many list members block attachments which will result in a large amount of “blocked” traffic back to the list moderators. If you must have an attachment, put it on a web server and reference the URL.

The list may not be used for product solicitations. Attempts to do so will result in the offender being removed from the list.

If your subscribed e-mail address starts to bounce messages, it will be removed from the list after 2-3 days; the list moderators will attempt to contact the subscribed e-mail address if this happens.

All postings are considered copyright by the original author of the posting and should not be forwarded without receiving permission from the author.

By subscribing to this list and by posting to this list you accept and agree to abide by the above Charter and Rules of Use.

CalConnectSM is a Service Mark of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Copyright © 2016 The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Copyright and Licensing Information