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Future Events

CalConnect XXXVI
Apr 18-22 2016
Ribose / OGCIO
Cyberport, Hong Kong

CalConnect XXXVII
Sep 12-16 2016
Dresden, Germany

CalConnect XXXVIII
Winter 2017

CalConnect XXXIX
May 2017
Seattle, Washington

Registration and Payment
for CalConnect Events

About Past Events

Event Reports

CalConnect XXX -- May 19-23, 2014

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event - May 19-21
CalConnect Conference XXX - May 21-23

Information is current to May 14, 2014
Meeting room changed to the "Ink" conference room

CalConnect XXX, consisting of a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and a CalConnect Conference (Members Meeting), will be held in Dulles, Virginia Monday-Friday, May 19-23, 2014, hosted by AOL.

The Interoperability Test Event will take place all day Monday and Tuesday May 19-20, and Wednesday morning May 21, ending at noon. The Conference will begin with lunch at 12:30 on Wednesday May 21, and last through mid-afternoon Friday May 23.

An informal Introductory Q & A about CalConnect, intended for first-time attendees, will be scheduled on Wednesday morning the 21st for first-time attendees.

A special Workshop on the VA Scheduling System will be held Wednesday afternoon during the Roundtable, open to non-members and to all participants at the Interoperability Test Event and the Roundtable.

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event:

The Interoperabilty Test Events are open to both members and non-members as participants or as observers; please see Next CalConnect Interoperability Test Event for current information. Check back often as this will be updated as more information becomes available.

Please Note: You do not need finished or polished code to participate in the IOP testing; in fact as soon as you have something working at all, testing against other participants can help debugging and code development, especially in identifying red herrings and wrong decisions.

CalConnect Conference XXX: The CalConnect Conference will offer Technical Committee sessions, to which all members and observers are welcome, informal BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions), plus additional sessions and committee meetings.

Friday afternoon will be the full Plenary meeting of the Consortium, open to all participants. This session will include report-outs from all Technical Committees, and establishment of future goals and directions for the Consortium.

Workshop on VA Scheduling System: The workshop will be held Wednesday afternoon as part of the CalConnect Conference; however it is open to non-Conference attendees and non-members by advance registration.

In late 2012, The U.S. Veterans Administration announced a "prize contest" to "...encourage creation of systems that help Veterans make appointments to receive outpatient and ambulatory care from the Veterans Health Administration." and to ultimately "...to replace the current Medical Scheduling Package (MSP) with a scheduling product which is a standards-based, modular, extensible and scalable, ..."

Recently, the winning proposals were announced. One of the winning teams has accepted our invitation to attend, and to present at, the workshop.

The workshop is to discuss health care scheduling requirements, especially in the context of the Veterans' Administration Scheduling System challenge, to examine possible changes or additions to the standards and drafts to better support the scheduling for health care.

More information about the Workshop will be available as soon as possible.

To register for the workshop only, please see CalConnect Workshop Registration. If you are also registering for the CalConnect Conference or Interoperability Test Event, see below.


Please see Registration and Payment Options to choose your registration type and payment option for the CalConnect Conference and/or the CalConnect Interoperability Test Event. Note that you must register separately for the Conference and for the Test Event, but you may request a combined invoice. You may register at any time for the next event.


The CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Conference will take place at AOL, 22000 AOL Way, Dulles, Virginia 20166. We will be in the Steve Case Center, Ink Conference Room, 5th floor, all week. Initial check-in each day will be in the lobby to the building and we will be escorted to the 5th floor.

Parking is available in front of the building for conference attendees. A shuttle is available between the Conference Hotel and the AOL complex.

Please see AOL vicinity for a map of the area showing the AOL complex, Conference Hotel, and (when chosen) Monday and Thursday restaurant locations.


Airport Information: The most convenient airport is Dulles International Airport (IAD), which is only a few miles from AOL and the Conference Hotel.

Ground Transportation: The conference hotel offers a 24-hour shuttle which runs every 30 minutes to and from the airport. The hotel shuttle stops at "Curb 2H" at the airport, or call 707-230-0077 for pickup location. (The hotel shuttle is also available between the hotel and the AOL complex.) Information on rental cars is available on the airport website.

International Visitors

International visitors who are not U.S. Citizens or hold a valid U.S. passport should acquaint themselves with any changes in U.S. travel and visitor policy since their last visit to the U.S. at http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/id_visa/. Attendees who require a Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa should contact Dave Thewlis, CalConnect Executive Director, at Dave.Thewlis@calconnect.org. Please be aware that you must have registered for the event before a Letter of Invitation can be issued.


Our conference hotel for this event is the Doubletree Hilton Dulles/Sterling. The hotel is offering us a special rate of $122/night, which includes free internet access and free parking. You must book your reservation through the AOL Travel Office to receive the special conference rate; see below.

The Doubletree offers a 24-hour shuttle between the hotel and Dulles International Airport every 30 minutes, The shuttle will stop at AOL on the way to the airport upon request, and if you are at AOL you can call the hotel (number below) and request a pickup to return to the hotel.

We also expect that several people will have automobiles so we can arrange carpooling between the hotel and AOL.

Doubletree Hilton Sterling - Dulles Airport
21611 Atlantic Boulevard
Sterling, VA 20166
Phone: +1 703 230 0077

To register via the AOL Travel Agency and obtain our conference rate, see CalConnect XXX Hotel Booking for booking information. If you do not have a userid on the CalConnect system contact Dave Thewlis or call 707-840-9391.


The Interoperability Test Event begins at 0800 Monday morning and runs all day Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning. The Conference begins with lunch on Wednesday and runs until mid afternoon on Friday.

At this point the schedule for the Conference is preliminary, and specific sessions may be moved, or the amount of time allocated changed, as we get closer to the event. More information will be provided as soon as possible.

Monday 19 May
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 BOF or Testing
1430-1530 Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Testing

1915-2130 IOP Test Dinner
20921 Davenport Drive
Sterling VA 20164
Tuesday 20 May
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1130 CALSCALE Ad Hoc discussion
1130-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 BOF or Testing
1330-1530 Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Testing
Wednesday 21 May
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1200 Testing
1200-1230 Wrap-up
1230 End of Testing

1230-1330 Lunch/Opening1
Wednesday 21 May
1100-1200 Introduction to CalConnect2
1230-1330 Lunch/Welcome/Logistics
1330-1415 Opening Session
1415-1530 Workshop Part 1: Presentations
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Workshop Part 2: Panel Discussion

1800-2000 Welcome Reception3
On Premises; next door to meeting room
Thursday 22 May
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-0930 TC PUSH
0930-1000 PC CONTACTS
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1130 TC FREEBUSY
1130-1230 TC API
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1400 BOF: CalConnect & the IETF
1400-1530 TC CALDAV
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1730 TC ISCHEDULE
1730-1800 Steering Committee Restructure

1915-2200 Conference Dinner4
The Bungalow Lakehouse
46116 Lake Center Plaza
Cascades VA 20165
Friday 23 May
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-0930 TC TASKS
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1200 FSC AD HOC
1200-1230 TC RESOURCE
1230-1330 Working Lunch
1300-1315 TC WRAPUP
1315-1400 CalConnect Plenary
1400 Close of Meeting

1The Wednesday lunch is for all participants in the Test Event and/or Conference
2The Introduction to CalConnect is an optional informal Q&A session for new attendees (observers or new member representatives)
3All Workshop, Conference, and Test Event participants are invited to the Wednesday evening reception
4All Conference participants are invited to the group dinner on Thursday.

Breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks will be served to all participants in the Test Event and Conference and are included in your registration fees.

Topical Agendas:

Contacts Sharing PC Thu 0930-1000
1. Overview of Address Book sharing
2. Demo BusyContacts+Fruux
3. Open Discussion
3.1 Scope of work: address books only or a generic "collection" sharing model
4. Next steps

FSC Ad Hoc Fri 1030-1200
1. Introduction
2 Summary
3. Progress and Status Update
3.1 Invitations (relevance to Contact sharing)
3.2 Protocol issues
3.2.1 Efficiency
3.2.2 Security
4. Open Discussions
5. Proposed Charter and Recommendation

Intro to CalConnect Wed 1100-1200
Optional Q&A for first-time participants

Opening Session Wed 1330-1415
1. Logistics
2. Introductions
3. New Member Presentations
4. Review of Schedule

Plenary Session Fri 1315-1400
1. Membership report
2. Coming events
3. Administrative news
4. Other news
5. Open floor/member proposals
6. Matters Arising
7. Close of Meeting

Steering Committee Restructure Thu 1730-1800
1. Plan for restructure
2. Next steps

TC API Thu 1130-1230
1. Intrduction
1.1 Charter
1.2 Summary
2. Progress and Status Updates
3. Open Discussions

TC CALDAV Thu 1400-1530
1. Introduction
1.1 Charter
1.2 Summary
2. Progress and Status Update
2.1 IETF
2.2 CalConnect
3. Open Discussions
3.1 Rich Capabilities
3.2 Encrypted data in CalDAV
3.3 Scheduling Object Drafts
4. Review and Update Charter and Milestones
5. Moving Forward
5.1 Plan of Action
5.2 Next Conference Call

TC EVENTPUB Fri 0930-1000
1. Introduction
1.2 Summary
2. Progress and Status Update
2.1 Drafts progress
3. Open Discussions

TC FREEBUSY Thu 1030-1130
1. Review of Charter
2. Brief description of VPOLL
2.1 Poll-modes
3. Progress report
3.1 Draft progress
3.2 Interop status report
4. Demonstration
5. Next steps
6. Next call

TC ISCHEDULE Thu 1600-1730
1. Introduction
1.1 Charter
1.2 Summary
2. Calendar User Addresses and iSchedule
3. Review and Update Charter and Milestones
4. Moving Forward
4.1 Plan of Action
4.2 Next Conference Calls

TC PUSH Thu 0830-0930
1. Introduction
1.1 Summary
2. Progress and Status Update
2.1 New Push Framework DAV Properties
3. Open discussion
3.1. HTTP streaming vs. long polling vs. out-of-band Push
4. Next steps

TC RESOURCE Fri 1200-1230
1. Charter
2. Review
3. How to expose properties in CalDAV (principal)
4. Discussions
4.1. iCalendar extensions to expose key vCard data to Attendees
4.2. How to prevent duplication of same information in LOCATION/STRUCTURED-LOCATION/ATTENDEE properties so that they do not get out of sync
5. Future of TC

TC TASKS Fri 0830-0930
1. Introduction
1.1 Recap Charter
2. Recap work to date
3. Progress since last conference
3.1 Task Assignments
3.2 API/Protocol Impacts
3.3 Draft Status
4. Next Steps 5. Review and Update Charter/Milestones

TC TIMEZONE Fri 0930-1000
1. Introduction
1.1 Summary
2. Progress and Status Update
2.1 Drafts progress
2.2 Interop Testing Report
3. Open Discussions

TC WRAPUP Fri 1300-1315
1. Review TC Session Summaries
2. Conference Call Schedule

VA Scheduling Workshop Part I Wed 1415-1530

VA Scheduling Workshop Part II Wed 1600-1800
Panel Discussion

Scheduled BOFs

CalConnect & the IETF Thu 1330-1400
Update on how CalConnect and IETF interact

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